Charley Kyles was born in Carroll’s Corner, Arkansas but has lived in Mississippi most of his life.  Music and singing have been a part of his life since the age of three, when he cut his first gospel record, “I’ve Got A Home Up In Glory.”  Two years later he sang on his first radio show, KOSE, in Osceola, Arkansas.  His second single, “Come On, Let’s Take A Walk” was cut in Memphis Tennessee.  He teamed up with The Joymakers for four years, recording a gospel album, “one More River To Cross”, written by Dottie Rambo.  He has performed on stage with The Rambos, The Harper Brothers and Connie, The Happy Goodmans, The Hinson Family, The Heismans, The Hemphills, Johnny Cook,  and The Oak Ridge Boys.  Most recently Charley has performed with The Nelons.

 By 1978, Charley was very aware of the importance of farming and the problems of the farmer.  As result, he was inspired to write and record one of his most popular songs, “Let ‘Em Speak”.    It stressed equality for the farmers and requested that Congress "hear the farmers' plan."  He has written and recorded several other songs drawing from the life in the country, especially North Mississippi.

 Charley Kyles’ accomplishments have been a great contribution to the South and Southern Gospel Music.  His music reflects his upbringing in Old Southern traditions.  Charley has performed for all the Governors of Mississippi since 1978.   On May 6, 1988, a Concurrent Resolution was signed by the legislature of the State of Mississippi commending Charley for his song “Mississippi’s Gonna Rise Again”.  His records are played all over the South, from Texas to the Carolina and he receives mail from all over the world. 

 Charley has hosted “Country Gospel Jubilee on the Unity Broadcasting Network for the past 6 years.  Guests on the show have included Mary Raybon, Janet Peavey, Gayla Earlen and Mike Manuel.  A member of the Christian Country Music Association, Charley regular attends the Awards shows and has held interviews with Hank Williams, Jr., Stella Parton, Dottie Rambo, Punkintown Smith, The Isaacs, and Rodney McDowell.  James Blackwood and Charley worked together on the Mississippi Musicians Award Show in Jackson, Mississippi. Other events Charley is or has been involved in are: performing at the Music Festival in Mountain View, Arkansas, ( features mountain, gospel, folk and bluegrass music monthly); The Jimmy Snow television program, ETV’s Mississippi Roads ( a documentary show on Mississippi towns, events and notable people) Be A Star on TNN, Marge Thrasher’s Morning Show in Memphis, Tennessee,  Channel 5 News with Ron Starnes, Cooper & Co.   out of Florence, Alabama.

Charley now hosts The Country Gospel Jubilee at The Barn , his own Gospel Music Center.  The Barn features in local singers along with well known singers such as Carrie Lewis and Bo Henson of the New Hensons.  The Barn, with its park, is quickly become a family favorite in North Mississippi.

Charley’s song “Reality Came Home Today” reached the Top 100 Charts. He has had 3 songs on the charts in the past 2 years: “Lord, It’s Me Again”, “Between the Altar and the Cross” and “ I’ll Praise Him in Everything.

Through the years, Charley has brought his own country gospel style to thousands and thousand of listeners.  Requests for his recordings come from as far away as England, Africa, Norway, Australia and New Zealand. 

And Charley will continue to sing as long as the Lord allows.